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Creation by iKyarii
by iKyarii

This is quite beautiful, It captures the color well, and it mixes each color together as well, which just makes it even more pretty. Th...


A Violet Stormbringer character sheet. by Blake-Highwind-XVI
A Violet Stormbringer character sheet.
Name: Violet Stormbringer.

Nicknames: Vio.

Origin: My head! Her appearance is thanks to Final Fantasy 14’s Character Creator.

Occupation: Warrior Monk, Delivery Girl, Engineer, ‘Professional Procrastinator.’

Residence: The World of Inferia, in The Duma Desert Region.

Race: Half-Giant, Half-Human.

Hair Color: Dark Purple.

Eye Color: Dark Purple.

Age: Forty Five.

Height: 10'2".

Personality: Bubbly, Seemingly never serious. She enjoys a good time, and a smile always occupies her face. She hates fighting, but will never fail to step up and protect those in need, going so far as to even sacrifice herself. She is known for her gentle nature, towards all races, Human and Non-Human. Never once does she show discrimination towards any, and she isn’t one for letting the weak be bullied, nor does she enjoy pointless conflict. Despite the constant smile on her face, she always seems to hold some sort of look of physical pain in her eyes.

Basic Skillset:
-Extreme Speed. Despite her large structure, she is unusually quick on her feet.

-Unique Creativity. She drafted the first blueprints for flying ships and The Engine in her world.

-Hand-to-hand Expert, works better without a weapon, unless they’re claws.

-The Bringer of Storms, her title. This grants her advanced fighting capabilities, and she always has a clear head, preventing her from confusion or beserker inducing comments.

-Soul Crystal, what made her a Monk. This grants her knowledge of the Monks before her, allowing her to mix her style with theirs, and even create new techniques.

-Gnome and Undine. Violet has mastered the ways of a Serene Mind, and The Strength of The Earth itself. This allows her to take more hits while at the same time keeping her mind clear enough to focus on the task ahead.

Drawbacks to above Skillset:
-Because of her Expertise in Hand-to-Hand Combat, Violet is unable to use many weapons efficiently, aside from the previously mentioned claws.

-If Violet’s Serene Mind is broken, she erupts into a rage and is unable to discern between Ally or Enemy.

-Violet never gets tired during a fight, but if she has exerted herself to extreme extents she has been known to pass out for two to three days.

-Violet has a massive V-shaped scar on her back. If an enemy were to catch her off guard, or hit her from behind, this very well puts a target on her back. This is the most effective way to cause enough pain to break Violet’s Serene Mind. Not that anybody sane would even try.

-Despite her speed, and Gnome’s power, Violet’s initial strength is roughly that of a two horses. Instead of raw strength, she relies on her speed and her ability to hit a single spot as many times as possible.

-Despite her creativity, Violet’s many inventions fail to work. Those that do, however, are extremely well made and durable.

Equipment: Her Clothes, Two leather pouches on her belt, and a fanny pack shaped in the form of a crescent moon, each holding various items. Soul Crystal, kept safe in the crescent medal on her scarf.

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Without saying anything to each other, Violet and Arkain let their actions speak for them. As soon as Violet stepped into The Sanctuary, Arkain charged at her, his blade raised. Violet blocked with her Sphairai, pushing against Arkain's blade with both her fists. Glaring at Violet, Arkain's eyes gleamed as he scowled at his old friend.

Pushing back, Violet shoved Arkain away and leapt backwards, putting some distance between the two. She would then remove her Sphairai, and toss them to the ground. As they dissolved into the white mist, Violet reached up and pulled out The Kazenkayta, a Bastard Sword with a blade of about ten feet long. Gripping it with both hands, she charged at Arkain, who raised his shield.

Swinging down, Violet slammed her blade against Arkain's shield, knocking it away. As Arkain tried to counter, Violet ducked and brought her head to Arkain's stomach, sending him backwards. As Arkain staggered back, Violet leapt forward in an attempt to strike him down. Reacting faster, Arkain's shield lifted and deflected Violet's blade. As Violet landed to the ground, interrupted, Arkain kicked forward and slammed the heel of his foot into Violet's face, her nose giving a satisfying crack as she fell backwards. Arkain would rush forward as Violet landed on her back, and bring his sword down in a stabbing motion.

Rolling to the side, the blade only grazed Violet's side as she narrowly avoided her death. She would sweep her feet to the side and slam her feet into Arkain's shins as she spun. As Arkain staggered from the blow, Violet would rest her hands on the ground and flip back upwards, landing on her feet with The Kazenkayta readied in her hands. Arkain would rush Violet, and she would deflect his blade to the side, attempting to stab forward. Arkain brought his shield to his chest and blocked Violet's blow. Rather than try for a counter attack, Arkain shoved Violet away and stepped backwards.

Violet's dark skin glistened with perspiration, and she was clearly exhausted as she panted heavily, in attempts to catch her breath. Arkain looked the same, his pale skin reflected beads of sweat from his brow. He was also heaving in large breaths, attempting to retrieve the oxygen knocked from his body during the several non-lethal blows exchanged by the two warriors.

Looking back up at each other, in simultaneous action, they caught their breath. Staring at each other for only a moment, the two of them rushed one another again, their blades colliding as sparks flew and blade against blade rang out against The Heavens. They pushed against each other, their blades caught against one another as they tried to force the other to their knees.

Arkain's eyes gleamed with mischief, and he pulled away from Violet's blade, forcing her to stagger forward. As she did, Arkain swept his foot to the side, catching it on hers and sending her to the ground. As she fell on her back, Arkain tried to stab downwards once again. Violet brought The Kazenkayta upwards, and blocked Arkain's blow. As Arkain's blade bounced back, Violet thrust her blade upwards, slamming the flat end of it against Arkain's chest.

Staggering back, Arkain watched as Violet stood. After regaining his balance, Arkain rushed Violet, who met his blade with her own. As their blades pushed against each other, Arkain slammed his shield against Violet's blade, forcing her to stagger back. As Arkain stabbed forward, attempting to end it, Violet regained her balance, and ducked to the side, bringing The Kazenkayta to Arkain's chest, piercing his armor, and ripping through his chest, cleaving his heart in two as the blade forced itself out the other side of Arkain's body.

Arkain stood there, his eyes widened as he looked down at the blade. He then looked back up at Violet.

Without saying anything, he slumped forward. As Violet removed her blade, Arkain's blood poured onto The Heavens. Rather than the usual red color, it was a bright blue.

"Mana..." Violet muttered, and just as she did, The Mana Energy that spilled from Arkain's wound began to spread across The Heavens. As it did, The Heavens went from being a desolate cloudy wasteland, to being a world of wonder. Golden buildings rose back from the clouds, trees sprouted in random places, and even The Gods themselves were restored. They appeared one after another, circling Violet and Arkain.

Rather than wait for everything to finish, Violet dismissed The Kazenkayta, and turned, beginning to walk from The Heavens. Reaching the gates, she opened them and stepped out, beginning her descent down The Million Steps.

Stuffing her hands into her pocket, Violet began to whistle. As she did, another joined in. Looking to her side, she saw Arkain's spirit walking beside her, whistling as well. He winked at her, before vanishing. Violet continued to whistle, her tune echoing up and down the steps.

When at last she reached The Bottom, she sighed. Looking at Celelstia in the distance, she smiled. Saluting The Capital, she turned to her right, and walked away.

That was the last Inferia had ever seen of Violet Stormbringer.

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Violet pushed back against the brutal blow of The Chimera's bite. She would then shove it away, before leaping into the air and slamming her fist into the beasts maw, throwing it to the ground. With a flourish, Violet flipped forward and used the momentum to slam the heel of her foot into the beasts three heads, effectively smashing through each of the three skulls. As she landed, the beast would dissolve into a black mist, before being absorbed into the ground. Wiping the blood off her pants, she popped her knuckles, and her neck.

"Now..." She looked to The King, who looked frightened and in despair.

"I-I can't believe it." The King muttered to himself. "W-Why are monsters attacking, V-Violet?"

Violet shook her head. "You're not going to believe me, but a God wants all of us dead."

"What?" The King looked up at Violet. "Y-You're joking!"

"I'm not." Her eyes narrowed. "This God is after The Mana Tree's power, but to unlock it, he needs a massive amount of Mana. He then has two options. He could either destroy everybody in The World..."

"Or he could...blow up The World itself." The King finished, eyes widening.

"Right. He's not too keen on destroying The World, along with The Mana Tree. So he's going to wipe all of us out."

The King looked down, despairing, but suddenly looked up. "T-The church! People are praying to The Gods! If their prayers are heard by The God wanting all of us dead...!"

Violet's eyes widened. "Crap! What's the fastest way through the church?"

"This way!" The King would leap to his feet, his old bones having one more burst of energy in them as he hurried Violet along a path.

As Violet and The King raced towards The Church, the people inside were praying, their hands and arms clasped together, shouting to The Heavens.

'Oh, Mighty Gods, please, save all of us! Even if it means death, please, release us from this torment of hell!'

Your prayers, do I answer. A voice rang out.

As all the praying people stopped, a heavenly light shone from the ceiling. Riding that light, was a male figure, with several blood red tendrils wriggling from his body, each with black markings over them, and his body. His eyes were completely white, his hair a black color. He looked unlike what they thought a messenger of Heaven looked liked.

"A-An Angel!?" One of the priests shouted.

"N-No! A monster!" Another priest spoke.

"How rude. Talking ill of a person who just appeared before your eyes. It seems divine punishment awaits all of you." The Male spoke, his voice booming as his tendrils shot out towards anybody who was in his way.

"Don't even think about it!" A voice suddenly shouted. As soon as it did, the stain glass mural of The Gods shattered, and leaping through it was Violet Stormbringer. "Dragon Heel!" With that, she flipped forward, and, lifting her leg, used the momentum of her flip and the speed of her fall to slam into the male's face, sending him straight into the ground, shattering his nose with an effective crunch. Then, she leaped off, avoiding the several tendrils that shot after her. Once she landed, the male removed himself from the ground, glaring at Violet.

"...I'm going to kill you now." As he said that, the priests and the praying people all made their escape from the church. "Then, I'm going to absorb your Mana, and not allow you the pleasure of serving The God as he opens The Mana Tree!" With that, he used his tendrils to climb over to Violet, his eyes burning with hatred as he glared at the woman. "Bringer of Storms...Once you're dead, I'll not only have your Mana, but also your title." The Male grinned. "That'll make three titles."

"You already have two other titles? Which ones are those...?" Violet asked as she cautiously set up a trap in her mind, knowing exactly how to use The Church to her advantage. The Male may be a Heavenly Being, but they weren't in The Heavens yet. Violet knows every inch of Inferia like the back of her hand. Even the churches.

"They are ones you know well. Here, allow me to demonstrate." With that, two sets of wings burst from The Male's back. One set was an Angel's pair, probably the original set he had. The other set were dragon wings, colored a soot black color. "I have The Black and The Dragon, making me The Black Dragon of Heaven..." He would then grin at Violet. "And might I add...She was very delicious. I enjoyed swallowing her whole and devouring her Mana Energy."

Violet's eyes widened, and she was rendered speechless for a moment, before she would regain herself. "...You ate Kaleb?" She would lift her Sphairai. "You monster. I'll never let you leave here alive!" With that, she charged at The Male.

"I am Larc, The Black Dragon of Heaven. You are no match for me, Bringer of Storms!"

"Shut up! I'm more than a match for you!" With that, Violet leapt into the air, avoiding all the tendrils that shot towards her on the ground. Grabbing hold of one, it wrapped around her hand, and brought her closer to Larc.

"Caught you."

"Did it on purpose." She grinned, before unwrapping her hand from the tendril and kicking Larc in the face, which would send her back, still holding to the tendril, which desperately tried to coil back on her hand. She would then swing to the side, around Larc, which spun him around and left him disoriented. Letting go of the tendril, Violet landed. When she did, she charged forward.

Larc turned to meet her, and shot all his massive tendrils towards her, propelling himself into the air with his wings. "Now you can't catch me. Good luck reaching me up here with your tiny hands."

Violet grinned. "I don't need to reach you. This, however..."

She held up a stray tendril, that Larc had failed to notice in his ascent. As soon as his eyes widened, Violet gripped both her hands on it and pulled back. Larc would then whip it forward, unbalancing Violet.

"Perfect!" She shouted as she was brought forward, launched by Larc's whipping. She lifted her fist, and slammed it into Larc's face. Using the force to her advantage, she twirled around, carrying Larc with her. She would then throw Larc downwards, sending him to the ground with such force that The Church floor shattered, leaving a crater. Violet would then dive downwards, flipping forwards and bringing her heel down, with enough force to shatter a mountain itself.

"With the power of The Earth imbued in my heel, I can even shatter a mountain itself! Earth Shattering Dragon Heel!" Her heel slammed into Larc's torso, not only shattering his ribs, but stopping his heart with the sudden force. As the last light of life left Larc's eyes, power began to leave his Heavenly Body.

Materializing beside him, Kaleb laid prone, her red jacket torn, her dark red hair a mess. Her skin was it's normal pale color, and she seemed to be breathing. The power of the titles returned to Kaleb. But so did the power of The Heavens. Kaleb now seemed to not only hold the power of The Black Dragon, but also The Heavens. Violet chuckled, crouching down beside her friend as Larc disintegrated into Mana Energy, which was absorbed back into The Earth.

"Let's get you into a bed..." With that, she lifted Kaleb and carried her out of the church, now completely ruined.

"T-There she is!" A priest exclaimed.

"The Heroine who saved us!" Another shouted, leaping to his feet.

The King looked on at Violet, smiling as he nodded. "Violet, you have truly done these people a service. If there's anything we can do for you..."

Violet thought a moment. "...Get this girl into a bed as soon as possible. She just narrowly escaped an Angel's Embrace, and she needs to rest."

The King nodded, and a woman came to grab Kaleb from Violet's hands, holding her like Violet had.

"And finally..." Violet looked to The King. "...I need your fastest Airship. The other towns and areas might be in trouble too."

He would nod again. "Very well. We will prepare a suitable airship for you."

"No need for preparations. I'm in a hurry. Where's the dock?"

After being pointed in the right direction, Violet rushed to The Airship Dock. Reaching it, she looked around. She was met with the sight of a single Airship. Rushing towards the ship, she leapt off the dock and onto the deck of the ship, in front of the wheel, and the starting mechanism.

"Alright, here I go!" She grinned, taking the wheel as she booted up the starting mechanism.

As the ship raised into the sky, Violet couldn't help but turn her mind towards the future. How were the others doing? Could she truly do this?

Before she had time to doubt herself, the ship sailed forward, propelled by the wind as it soared among the clouds. Her next destination was The Crystal City. Celelstia.
For The World.
So, this story kinda starts in the middle of an arc, but at the beginning of the rising climax. This is mostly due to my incompetence as a writer, and my horrible skills at beginning anything ever. With that said...Enjoy!


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"Enemies...Allies..." Violet panted heavily. "...Those words are meaningless to me now. I don't know which side is right or wrong...I'm done with such meaningless terms. Both sides blame the other of persecuting and killing the other. It doesn't matter to me." Violet would ready her fists as she faced her former allies.

"In the end...The only thing I can do, is stop these atrocities from happening in front of me!"

"I see..." Blake lifted his blade, and pointed it at Violet. "You fought in The War against them, but now you're fighting for them? I thought we were your allies, Stormbringer."

"I'm done with such meaningless terms! Now, you're no worse than the very people you rose up against! Killing your enemy just because you've won...That's not The Honorable way!"

Blake's eyes narrowed. "...And what would The Honorable way be?"

Violet knew she'd struck his nerve. As a Former Knight, Honor was still important to her best friend. "The Honorable way, would be to give them a fair trial, make them serve as atonement! Do not execute them because they fought."

Blake paused, before shaking his head. It seemed whatever doubt was holding him, was just shredded to pieces. "Bah, to hell with Honor." He said, and that was how Violet knew she'd lost.

Morg raised his tome. "...Script. You're our Judge. If you take her side, I will walk alongside the both of you. If you choose to destroy her, I shall help you."

Script paused, before stepping forward. "You have betrayed us. That is a crime punishable by death! Violet Stormbringer, prepare, for this ground...shall be your final resting place!" Script lifted his spear.

Violet sighed, before clenching her fists. "If stopping crimes against humanity is what you call betrayal..." Her eyes narrowed, gleaming with a fiery passion. "...Then I accept these charges! Come at me with all you've got, Dreamers!"

Then, Violet charged towards her three former allies. Morg and Script stepped forward to flank Violet, and Blake lifted his blade in defense. Violet would duck underneath Script's spear, and leap over Morg's flame. Reaching Blake, she lifted her sphairai, and slammed her right fist into his blade. As they struggled against each other, Morg and Script flanked Violet again, and as Script brought his spear forward, Morg attempted to hit Violet with his tome. She would break away from Blake, and leap backwards.

"Give it up, Violet. You're too weak from your previous battles. Do you really think you can stand against the people who trained alongside you? We know all of your moves, Stormbringer. You're powerless."

Violet clenched her fists, turning her knuckles white as she gripped her sphairai. "You're right. You know all of my moves...Or do you?"

Script raised his eyebrow, while Blake's eyes narrowed.

"What are you going on about this time? Are you completely mad now?" Blake chuckled.

Violet shook her head, before she would reach outwards. She would unclench her fists, and her sphairai would fall to the ground, before dissolving into a white mist.

Script raised both his eyebrows, his eyes widening effectively. "Well. That's new. But I don't suppose making your weapons disappear counts as a new trick. All of us can use it."

Violet would ignore Script, as she continued to hold her hands out. "U' Fynneun Cbenedc, maht sa dreha yet. E naxiacdadr uv draa...Knyhd sa Dra Makahtyno Pmyta, Dra Rumo Cdunspnaygan! Knyhd sa, The Kazenkayta!"

Morg's eyes widened. "Is she! No!"

Blake looked over at Morg. "Spit it out, man."

Before Morg could start, suddenly, Violet moved her hands apart. As she did, something seemed to materialize before her. In her right hand was the bottom half, though looking at it closer, Blake noticed a hilt. The blade of the sword was a dark purple metal, and it reached to be ten feet long.

Morg spoke. "The Legendary Bastard Sword! The Holy Stormbreaker! Violet's summoned...The Kazenkayta!"

Blake scowled. "That's impossible. Nobody's held that blade in over a million years."

"Does it look impossible to you, Highwind?" Script glared at Blake. "She's summoned The Power of The Soul Crystal before, why is it so impossible that she can wield the very blade that ended The Thousand Year Storm?"

"It's a bit ironic though," Morg commented. "That she's wielding a blade that counters her name."

Blake shrugged, before lifting his blade. "Whatever! Shut up you two, let's just kill her and be done with it-"

Blake was interrupted as Violet spoke, her voice calm, collected. "Blake Frostbite Highwind The Seventeenth! I challenge you, to a one on one duel!"

Blake's eyes widened. Inside him, something struggled, and he seemed to be reluctant to answer, but he did anyway. "By The Knights Code of Honor, I hereby accept!" Blake shook off his bad feeling. "What are your terms?"

"If I win..." Violet thought for a moment. "You let me past! I'm leaving...for good!"

Blake considered. "...Fine. And if you lose?"

"...I die." Violet held her stance, seemingly ready to die for what she believed in.

Script spoke up. "Morg, it's time to go."

Morg nodded, and the two of them turned away, disappearing into a dark alley.

Blake lifted his own blade. "Are you ready, Violet?"

Violet nodded, gripping The Kazenkayta. Despite how large it looked, Violet held it with both hands as if it weighed nothing.

Blake charged, and Violet rushed forward to meet him in the middle. When their blades clashed, it sent a loud ringing noise across the empty square. Violet pushed against Blake, and Blake pushed back. Just when Blake seemed to be getting the upper hand, Violet ducked, pulling away and sending Blake forward. Violet twirled around, resting The Kazenkayta on her shoulder as Blake stumbled forward.

Blake turned, raising his sword and blocking the full force of The Kazenkayta. He scowled as Violet pushed him onto one knee. "You're strong, I'll give you that, but where you require two hands..." Blake used his free hand to unsheathe his other sword. "I require only one!" With that, he brought his other sword to Violet's side, who barely had time to dodge. The sword glanced off Violet's side, leaving a small cut on her hip. Blake stood as Violet staggered back. Rather than recover, Violet charged forwards, lifting The Kazenkayta.

"It's time to end this!"

As Blake lifted his blades to block, Violet changed her direction, and swiveled around Blake, twirling around and striking him from behind. She slammed her hilt into the back of his head, and brought the blunt end of the blade against Blake's back, sending him forward with a howl of pain. As Blake stumbled forward, Violet rushed in and slammed her foot into him, sending him to the ground.

As Blake struggled to stand, Violet slammed her foot onto his back, sending him back to the ground. She would lift The Kazenkayta, and bring it down with the intensity of the Earth itself. Blake would close his eyes, preparing for his death.

Then he heard a sharp sound. Opening his eyes, he was met with The Kazenkayta driven into the ground just at his face. His eyes widened, and he arced his head to look up at Violet.

Violet's eyes were closed as she removed herself from Blake's back, removing her hands from The Kazenkayta. The blade would dissolve into particles of black and white energy, disappearing into The Void. Violet stuffed her hands in her pockets and opened her eyes, weary.

"I win. Are you going to let me pass now, Blake?"

Blake stood, not bothering to look at Violet. "...I have nothing to say to the victor." Was all he said, before walking off, heading towards The Main Gate out of The Crystal City.

Violet just stood there, watching him. "...It doesn't feel like I've accomplished anything."

'That's because it's war, Violet.' The calm voice of Teloiv spoke in Violet's head, before the green haired woman appeared beside Violet.

"War or not..." Violet sighed, sitting on the ground. "I can't believe what happened here..."

"That's what you get for not listening to both sides, Violet. You helped The Radical Dreamers take down The Celelstians, and then you killed The Emperor. As soon as you were finished, The Dreamers took to killing every Celelstian and their supporters." Teloiv shook her head. "It's how it was back in the time I was alive. Two factions, fighting against each other, not willing to work out their differences." Teloiv paused. "...But we didn't have someone like you back then, I suppose."

Violet looked up at the spirit. "What do you mean?"

"Even though you defeated The Emperor, you saw what was happening. What did it feel like then?"

"...It felt like it wasn't over."

Teloiv nodded. "And when you saw those people getting attacked by The Dreamers? What did you feel then?"

"...I felt like I had to stop them from bullying those weaker than themselves."

Teloiv crouched down, and pointed at Violet's chest. "That's what I meant. We didn't have a warrior like you, to stop the strong from bullying the weak. We didn't have anybody to stop the murders that occurred because of our war. If we had, perhaps, I might still be alive."

Violet sighed. "It still doesn't feel like I changed much..."

"That's what you think. Blake was a Knight, yeah?"

Violet nodded.

"Then after his defeat, he most likely recognized your strength. I have a feeling he's heard you, even if you feel like your pleas fell on deaf ears. If there's anything I like about Blake Highwind, it's that he's not an idiot. Now, get up." Teloiv stood, and Violet followed.

"The Behemoth is waiting, yeah? Now that you've finished here, I think it's time we showed him exactly what we're made of."

Violet nodded, and together, the two of them left Celelstia, and headed for Lake Kilma.

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As Violet fought her way up towards The Heavens, The World below her was fighting it's own battles.

At the forest near Lake Kilma, Faeries, Elves, Goblins and Giants all worked together, fighting against the Angels, their weapons finally cutting through the Heavenly Flesh. Morg and Script were fighting alongside the Non-Humans, Scripts spear slicing Angel wings like butter, and Morg tossing fireballs and shoving lightning bolts down their throats. In Lake Kilma itself, The Gorgon of The Lake finally rose, and her single eye was enough to turn all Heavenly figures into stone statues, which soon decorated the lakeside.

In The Crystal City, The Queen herself was fighting alongside her soldiers, her thin bladed rapiers flashing through the air and destroying Angels before they even knew what hit them. The various non-humans were helping out as well, fighting or putting out fires and tending the wounded. Blake and Morgan, The Two Highwind brothers were fighting back to back, Blake's twin swords flashing through the air with satisfying rings as he fended off arrows and javelins thrown at his brother, before he finally sliced the attackers in two. Morgan's broadsword swung through the air, it's blade flashing with fire as he struck with the power to cleave a mountain in two.

In The Duma Desert, The Lizardfolk were cleaving through Angels with the speed of the wind itself. Even the heat seemed to amplify, as if The Desert itself were telling The Angels to back the hell away. Cacti came to life, sending whips of thorned vines against the angels and pulling them into a spiked hell. The Antlions were pulling angels with their large mandibles into their quicksand pits, devouring them with delight. Eon, with his twin daggers dashed through entire groups of angels, his blades not even leaving their sheathes as he struck with such speed, cleaving the Heavenly figures into millions of pieces.

Under The Desert, The Ancient City came to life, and as it did, massive gears began to turn as Mullen shoved the lever to 'MAX' on the gauge. Immediately as he released it, The City shot upwards, and an entire lost civilization surfaced once more. As the ground changed, The Angels grew into chaos, and The Lizardfolk, along with Eon, gained the advantage.

Turning, Eon came face to face with an Archangel. As he prepared himself to flee...


Behind him, a canon fired, and a large metal sphere slammed into The Archangels chest, breaking it's Heavenly Body with a satisfying Crack! Eon turned, only to find Mullen standing atop The City walls, a canon aimed right at where The Angel once stood.

"What the hell was that, Mullen!" Eon exclaimed.

"Dammit! I missed!" Mullen shouted back. "I was aiming for you!"

"What! We're at war with Heaven itself, and you're still trying to kill me?"

"I'm your brother! It's what I do!"

Eon shook his head, before he would leap back into action, rushing another group of Angels.

In the skies, The Winged Folk were fighting alongside The Airships, taking down Archangels and the larger creatures of Heaven. Harpies clawed Angel's wings off, Garuda herself had descended from her Tornado and sent Angels right back to where they belonged, her talons ripping through them like paper.

From The East, a strange, but welcome sight emerged. An entire horde of Dragons descended upon The Angels, their flames setting them ablaze. At the head, leaping from The Elder Dragon and slamming his fists into Angels, Seth, The Undead King of Inferia himself had emerged from his Immortal Throne, and risked himself to protect his world. When he landed, The Earth shattering beneath his feet, he immediately rushed into battle, his flurries of punches unavoidable as The Angels were pummeled into dust.

The Five Title Holders were covering Violet's ascension, protecting The Sixth

The Behemoth fought with The Rage of a Thousand Suns, his blade a whirlwind of death. Beside him, The Dragon leapt through the air, her spear literally piercing The Heavens as she fought. The Flame of Hope was sending spells left and right, setting Angels ablaze, stuffing lightning down their throats, freezing their wings off, slicing them with gusts of wind, blinding them with their own Holy Light, or swallowing them in Darkness. The Scholar was summoning spirits of previous warriors, and even bringing Angels back from death to fight at their side. The Black was covering Violet with an impenetrable shield across her back. Every time a hit landed, it was swallowed by black mist, along with The Angel that threw the hit.

Finally, they reached the top. Behind them, the corpses of Angels were scattered, each slowly turning into holy energy particles.

Violet looked back at her friends. "You guys, thank you. But I have to deal with Arkain on my own. He's gone too far, using the power of The Mana Goddess to wage war. Go, help the others."

The Behemoth nodded, sheathing his blade. "Alright, Violet. You come back alive, y'hear? Or The Scholar will bring you back to life and we'll all take turns beating your corpse up."

The Scholar nodded, their eyes gleaming.

Violet chuckled. "I'll make sure to at least go out exploding, so you'll have to gather my pieces first." She sighed, before smiling at the others. "I assume you'll be taking the express way down?"

"You know it!" The Behemoth would grin, before turning and leaping off the cloud path. Following him, the others all nodded in farewell to Violet.

Turning to The Gate, Violet sighed. "Alright...Here I come, old friend."
Gods, it's been so long, y'know?

Alright, well, I'm not gonna recap my life for you guys. Most of you lived it with me, anyway.

Okay, so, I've got more freetime, and so I've been thinking....

Would you guys like me to continue  A Thousand Years After, or should I start on something else?


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